About Bolarinwa Yusuff CEO/Founder At Ngcomposer Media

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About Bolarinwa Yusuff

Detailed About Me:

My name is Bolarinwa Yusuff reign from Osogbo, Osun state, am jovial love to do something a creative way (my friend called me ULTRAP KREATIVE) due to my interesting to bring creative to my work.
Bolarinwa Yusuff is fast rising blogger than reign from Osun state. A certified blogger and content creator and writer, well-known with my blog. My passion for Information Communication Technology actually gave birth to the big idea called Ngcomposer

How I Start Blogging And Years Of Experience:

Music blogging has peaked in Nigeria; there are over 50 active music blogs and websites in osun, a TV and several other options to improve their users, i visited Naijaloaded.com and this web owner really doing a great job here.

Ngcomposer was created in 2015 by Bolarinwa Yusuff (Ultrap). I provide a complete package of music/video downloads, reviews, industry news, upcoming events, interviews and other music related editorials.

Ngcomposer in their over three-year stint have become known for stylized top 10 charts, music video downloads and editorial content. The top 10 chart is a countdown of Naija’s finest in the music industry spanning different categories including Producers, Next Rated Acts, Hottest Artistes, and Banging Collaborations. The chart is put together by the Ngcomposer team after much research and deliberation. Each chart features 10 Nigerian music acts that have excelled in specific categories and met certain criteria within a given time frame.

Ngcomposer also publishes editorial content at including spotlight profiles of artistes, their materials (music and videos), and critical music reviews.

I actually created it four years ago, April 1, 2015 to be precise. It was holiday season. I was fresh out of secondary school then. I am good internet user and I was actually undergoing some training in web design.

And then, I did a check and I discovered that most bloggers have no knowledge about web designing. What they do is, they outsource their design and programming jobs to outsiders and those ones build based on their own understanding. But as one who has the knowledge, I know what is lacking in different platforms in countty. So I built a website to address those challenges. That was how we started.

Greatest Achievements:

Great visibility on search engines like Google and Yahoo is a super achievement and I could achieve that. Earning a few buck by way of passive income is comforting and I did. Perfecting our language skill is a positive aspect of blogging and I could.

Addressing a large audience through our writing is a great achievement and confidence booster and I could. Writing is a wonderful hobby to keep us engaged and informed, and I am blessed.

Gaining a large number of fans and acceptance among the reading folks are some appreciable achievements, and I could. And finally, through my blogging, I could prove myself and show to the world that I too can win and Nothing is impossible!


Signed: Ceo/Founder of Ngcomposer.com.ng

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