Five New Year Resolutions You Can Never Stick To

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Here Is Five New Year Resolutions You Can Never Stick To

Five New Year Resolutions You Can Never Stick To

Of as much as 45 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions, only about 8 percent tend to stick to them in the new year. Here are a number of new year resolutions you probably wouldn’t stick to and alternatives to them.

1. To be more positive
This sounds simple and easy but is actually arbitrary. Emotions and responsiveness to life can vary from day to day, so what’s more positive one day could be totally different the next.

Instead, resolve to choose gratitude and happiness daily, focusing specifically on replacing negative habits and thoughts with positive ones.

2. To spend more time with family
This resolution is a noble one that everyone should adopt but there will likely be behaviors and obstacles getting in the way of your ability to see it through.

3. Having “more time” to spend with loved ones unfortunately comes down to logistics and priorities, which are almost always changing due to time availability and schedule changes.

Instead, take the time to assess and evaluate your life from an outside perspective. Based on how you spend your time, what is obviously important to you? Determine your true priorities and devise ways to devote time and attention to pursuing them.

4. To improve relationships with friends or family
Ultimately, improving your relationships improves your overall satisfaction in life, but simply stating that you want to improve your relationships leaves too many variables in the hands of others.

The one thing you can control is how much forgiveness you show, because you aren’t hurting anyone but yourself by holding on to anger and resentment. Forgiving others—and yourself—paves the way for better relationships across the board.

5. To fall in love or find a relationship
Having love in your life is always a beautiful intention, however, allowing the natural process to unfold is even more beautiful when the intentions are pure. When we’re ‘looking’ for something as humans, it naturally infers that we’ve lost something, but a relationship cannot be lost when it is not yet discovered.

Instead, make a resolution to become more aware of your strengths and values, and develop a plan to meet more people within a certain time frame.

In conclusion, To get divorced or end a relationship
If there are problems in your relationship , try intending to receive kindness, understanding, and love in your new year instead of focusing on a single goal to destroy what you’ve built.

While it could be that the other person is truly is not right for you and you would be happier without them in your life, pinning the idea on a new year’s resolution that will dramatically happen with a change in season can be tricky.

Instead, if you’re in the midst of a challenging partnership, you might make the resolution to research options for improvement, such as setting an appointment with a marriage counselor. Prolonging such a huge decision allows you ample time to truly contemplate the final results of such a split.

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