Jen is actually decided to go to because of the her wonders spouse, Lo, who wants this lady to escape that have your on the wilderness

Jen remembers just how his dad’s caravan is attacked by the Lo’s bandits, and just how she struggled the leader, Lo, who had stolen the girl comb, and how she finished up prisoner within his tent and exactly how in the course of time they dropped crazy

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Their master is slain from the evil warrior Jade Fox, whose whereabouts try not familiar. Shu Lien has reached the city, crowded which have acrobats, charlatans and you may fire eaters, and you may delivers so you’re able to blade toward old-man, who is active informing the brand new governor, Yu. Yu’s daughter Jen is betrothed to help you a member of several other powerful clan: its wedding will generate a powerful alliance. But Jen is bored stiff and you will depressed and you can dreams of Shu Lien’s courageous life since the good warrior. At night, the fresh sword is taken by the a brave masqued girl exactly who flees on roofs, for the vain chased from the Shu Lien. The fresh new smart boy candidates that somebody is wanting so you can destroy brand new reputation for the brand new governor.

Jen remembers the latest caravan on wasteland whenever their father and his court in which transferring to their the newest post. A keen undercover police officer was going after Jade Fox and has showed up around. He or she is searching for revenge, as the Jade Fox killed their spouse too. It fulfill at nighttime and start a bloody duel. Jade Fox is simply Jen’s housemaid, just who turned an evil warrior immediately after are denied because of the fighters since she actually is a female. Law enforcement officer becomes deceased even though Li will come when planning on taking their front side. Li is just about to defeat Jade Fox in the event the young masqued robber appears and preserves their. But Li will get their sword back and instructs the young conceited woman a training. The guy offers to show their the real artwork off assaulting however, this woman is too proud to accept.

Now Lo really wants to avoid the marriage interesting while the next day he symptoms the wedding parade. Jen works out and takes brand new sword once more. Now its clear which this new mystical warrior try. Li and you may Shu Lien promise in order to pursue the lady and you may save your self the new blade. Jen concludes during the a lie household which will be assaulted because of the men. She massacres him or her and you may almost destroys the spot.

Shu Lien was previously engaged in order to Li’s sis, however Li’s sis passed away, Li and you can Shu Lien decrease crazy but none wanted to upset the latest dead man’s thoughts and additionally they never also dared cam away from marrying

Eventually, Shu Lien and Li come across the lady. On duel against Li, Jen will lose this new sword once again. Li puts they regarding rapids. Jen dives into h2o. Jade Fox preserves Jen and you will requires her in order to a key hide-out. Jade Fox is actually bitter together: she has coached Jen everything however, Jen has never been thankful. Quite the opposite Jen only suggests contempt for her learn. Jade Fox pills the girl. Li and you may Shu Lien find the hide out and Li kills Jade Fox inside the a duel. Jade Fox ended up being deceived all round the day by Jen because the well, regardless of if she never ever knew it: Jade Fox learned from the studying the diagrams of one’s tips guide to have fighters, when you’re Jen you may understand all the laws and you may learn a lot way more, but Jen never ever helped Jade Fox.

Just after Jade Fox passes away, Jen is actually reformed. However, one of Jade Fox’ poisoned arrows enjoys hit Li’ sneck, and Li passes away within the Shu Lien’s palms ahead of Jen is prepare new antidote. Shu Lien travels back into the brand new smart old man. Jen rejoins Lo over the top away from a hill who is said to give a need to whoever dares dive from they. Jen asks Lo getting a wanna. Lo wishes the girl. Jen leaps. The fresh new plot are ridiculous at best, sort of chinese Titanic. The brand new emails dont build a lot of the opportunities. Sooner or later, more fascinating character is Jade Fox, the poor lady who was refuted by elite group and battled up against her or him that is misled also of the you to definitely she taught. Folks try an anime.

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