Nigerian Man Invites Girl For A Date & She Came With 5 Friends (See What He Did) – What Would You Do?

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There are many bad cultures in our society that it’s time we let them go.

Below we are going to be talking about one of them.

It is the most hilarious thing I have read today. So a Nigerian guy invited a girl on a date, and trust Naija girls, the girl brought 5 of her female friends.

Why do people still do this? Anyway, you want to know the shocker? The guy kept to his budget! He ordered drinks for only himself and the girl as seen in the above picture.

Nigerian girls should know a date Is meant for you and the guy asking you out not a shopping spree for you and your friends.

Personally for me I think the guy is nice, he still paid for himself and the girl’s, if that was me i will only pay for myself.

If Were In This Guy’s Position What Would You Do?
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