Hidden Secrets About M-U-L-L-A Sounds Simba

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Hidden Secrets About M-U-L-L-A Sounds Simba

M-U-L-L-A Sounds (Simba)
Joseph Terry Ijima popularly know as M-U-L-L-A Sounds (Simba)
A Nigeria singer, Lagos & Abuja base artist, was born in Kaduna state, television. 1997 Dec 23rd, Started music professionally 2015 first label was Run Dirty…. produce by M-U-L-L-A Sounds (Simba) his tremendous vocal rang made his performance memorable. M-U-L-L-A sounds won the best Music Art in Benue state year 2017 and some other awards.
How old is M-U-L-L-A Sounds
18 years (23rd Dec 2000)
Is M-U-L-L-A Sounds in a relationship

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