Krid – Easy Love (Lyrics)

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Krid - Easy Love
Krid – Easy Love


K-RID ooh


I for let you know
Never let you go
I promise to give you love oh everywhere you go
Baby be my own
Baby come my home
I promise to give you love Oh everywhere you go

Ah,baby gimme love I go give you love//easy easy love//easy easy love – 2x

(Verse 1)

See as my baby bad like dat ooh
Baby lemme scratch you like jimmy jatt ooh
Baby this your body just dey gimme life ooh
I have never seen this kind of body type oh
Baby oya come make we dance to the floor
Baby me I’m gonna give you see I no go slow//girl I promise you my cum white like a snow
Baby no delay eh yeah
(*Sister comfort oh
comfort oh
Baby come my house let me give a touch oh
I get Hennessy let me give you cup oh
if I give you this baby give me that oh*)


(Verse 2)

Baby give me joy
baby give me joy
I go play with you I no go play you like a toy
SEE,this your body bursting my brain
this your body driving me craaziiee
uhm this your body making man craze
uhm this your body just dey driving me insane
Aiih,baby cos you get bigi Bigi body ooh oh oh

hire killer
Baby this your body is an hire killer
See wetin you carry is an hire killer.
Oya let me give it to you like a killer
Ah eh
You’re my Carolina
Let me dribble you likey maradona
Baby I go give you like a Coca-Cola
like a Coca-Cola.



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