Let’s Talk: 5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet

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See 5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet, Good days Ngcomposers, online is mysterious ways for some people to get scammed, have seen some tragic ways some people get scammed or let me say they fall for scammers nowadays, scammer claim they want to assist with less amount or huge amount, but this are most tragic and frequently used by fraudster to trap their prey.


5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet

In this little tips am going to emphasize on 5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet, this might not be the main you fall for because there are many ways we can get scam, this article is going to vivid to you if you read it well.

These Are 5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet:

1. Creating Of Ponzi Scheme:

5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet

It so quiet unfortunate that some are so greedy and covetous such that fall this trap often, this scheme is created through social media example like WhatsApp group, facebook group or any other social media, they use this to faking people with false evidence. They present fake promise to reward with some percentage of your donation. So they advice their prey to donate more money so make more profit.

2: Dating Site/App:
5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet

This is commonly used by youth, undergraduate and unemployed graduate, they entitles their prey with a lovely pictures of a Lady from an unknown country and claim new country for the lady used. Their aim is all about how to dupe and earn your cash and claim to love you much, they bill you and earn your hard earned money, even this skill use to scam Africa too, they claim they’re popular p**rnstar, but later is fake.

3. Creating Of Phising / Fake Site:

5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet

What i mean by “phising: is fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.” This is handle by internet operator gurus, they design a website or a popular known website or application, they present it like real, once someone fall on it and and try to login they have access to your account and look for all ways to make money from your account either by trying to lend money from your close friends or family, they might use this opportunity to have your online access too if you think it was real “your online website(but fake/phising)”.

4. Alert From Fake Source:

5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet

This is the tragic ways by fraudster to dupe people and make money, they may come in different ways through text or call and alert you that anonymous being is trying to withdraw some amount of money from your account and you will need to send your BVN (BANK VERIFICATION NUMBER) to block the transaction, immediately they received all what they need your account will be debited instantly they might withdraw all your dosh (money), nevertheless some of us are covetous.

5. Credit Card Theft:

5 Ways You Can Get Scam On Internet

It so sad that internet fraud has increased to high esteem that our bank credit card is not in safe if lost or left anyhow nevertheless of being secured with pin. Internet fraudster can hack your Bank ATM card with the 16 Code written on the card, they might call you that you just get huge amount of money so i want to claim it send your atm sixteen code, meanwhile it totally fake. Let me drop my pen at this juncture. Purpose of this post is to create awareness and alert all citizen.


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