Today is a sad day for students community in Nigeria – Comrade OBALOLA

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Today is a sad day for students community in Nigeria

Today is a sad day for students community in Nigeria – Comrade OBALOLA

With a heart caged by grief and sorrow, I remember the massacre and killings on Obafemi Awolowo University soil 20years ago. Five students were unjustly massacred because they refused to dine with power barons of the university and their insatiable appetite for a better IFE that would have no room for cultism, oppression and intimidation made them victims of great conspiracy.

Those who witnessed the killings have refused to let go of the trauma. They still wake up everyday listening to the hot cries of the deceased ones who were unjustly murdered. Truly, we are sad and unhappy that we have lost five great commandos of stduents’ right but our greatest sadness is “waking up everyday to see the killers of these commandos walking freely on Nigeria’s soil and still having access to nation’s treasury to commit more evils”.

That we have resemblance of people with such character as heads of school and their actions of intimidation and victimisation remain unchecked by government and concerned authorities is a great grief.

We thank prosperity for consoling us. 20years after the unjust and gruesome murder of our five commandos, they still live in greatness and always in our hearts. That people who murdered them and generation of leaders who took office after them have expired with years in office and have remained irrelevant to the society that once praised them is a consolation to us.

I commiserate with the families of the deceased ones and sympathise with students community of great IFE. I say to them “July 10 should go beyond ribbons, entertainment and sweet speeches; reflection on the sorry state of struggle these commandos were killed for is what it should be.

Comrade Oyebode Yusuff Olamilekan(OBALOLA)
Naoss & Cdhr Public Relation Officer Ospoly Iree Chapter

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