Vote For Mr A1 As Naoss IREE CHAPTER President

Bolarinwa Yusuff

Vote for Mr A1 as Naoss IREE CHAPTER President

Vote for Mr A1 as Naoss IREE CHAPTER President



In quick chat with our upcoming president for Naoss IREE CHAPTER President, MUSTHAPHA RIDWAN ADEYINKA profoundly known as A1, A student from Osun State Polytechnic ,Iree set to take place in the upcoming Naoss election campaign coming in his school soon, he’s premises, The Naossite known him with his hardworking man towards his way to Naoss and life entirely, he said his tenure going to be the best in all of the previous one, he said his plan and his relevant going to be good and if he enmage as the best president ever to perform and act well, so Vote For Mr A1 As Naoss IREE CHAPTER President.

He said also;

“I’ve get to know that “Nothing guarantee a great future like correct picture and you can not fixture in a picture” at this note I will let the whole NAOSSITE to know that no one can picture a correct future without we dreamer that what make me to rise so that we show the future through the correct picture that contain a great integrated agenda not disintegrated agenda. For such to happen continuity is what will give passion to next level.”

Moreover, A1 is one of notable person in IREE (Ospoly), A1 is Accountability, Reliable, Trustworthy and so on, In this minimum time to go for voting, make sure you vote for MUSTHAPHA RIDWAN ADEYINKA Known as A1 as Naoss IREE CHAPTER President.

Support I MUSTHAPHA RIDWAN ADEYINKA popularly called A1 as NAOSS PRESIDENT, I promise to bring a great picture into reality in the future of we NAOSSITE. Kindly support I MR A1 NAOSS PRESIDENT “19 towards our Prayer, Canvass & Vote, I promise for a great SERVICES toward 2019/2020 academic session,
In Almighty I believe.

Source: Obalola Graphic Art Empire

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