Osun People Don’t Trust the family Business – OYSF osogbo chapter

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Osun People Don’t Trust the family Business – OYSF osogbo chapter

As the day draw near, the Osun state gubernatorial elections which will send a strong note to presidency about what will happen in the west in 2019 is like a blank cheque for us to fill the gap of future expectancy. Whether we are still in love with our oppressors or we still have feelings for those whose our sufferings make them happy.

The current APC led administration is just something we can not write about ranging from the delay health systems, the dilapitaed government owned schools in rural areas, and the exorbitant refusal to pay workers a staggering 38months salaries, one will wonder what people think about, one will wonder if democratic settings is really meant to improve the life of the citizens or to Reduce them to something below nothing. We can not but agree that Gov Aregbesola will try everything possible to install his midget who at the same time doubles as Tinubu cousin, Osun people won’t survive another 4years of this misrule by a single infinity cap man from Lagos, who stand on so tall to declare whatever we do in our own state. Let’s have this at the back of our mind that we can’t be in love with our oppressors and expect goodness and mercy to follow us, we need to rise against them.

One will wonder who the ADP candidate is, he is moshood Adeoti, he was part of the Unmerciful government of APC until he lost the ticket to Tinubu agent of darkness, He would have been in the APC had it mean he won the ticket, let’s just ignore his sympathetic cry of west agenda to get sympathy votes rather let’s put the capacity, ability, agility, vision, mission and Integrity above our regional and religious reasoning.

The PDP candidate, the family who never wanted to leave power, the family who want to lead Osun state every year from Ede, the family who thermir sole aim is to milk Osun dry and spend our collective income on personal business, Prostitution and purchase of luxuries, let’s come together and ignore them

The SDP candidate m, senator Iyiola Omisore, when we call people with integrity, we should list him.

He was accused of killing Bola I’ve by some political opponents just to put him into political cell and everyone dead or alive knows that Senator Iyiola Omisore dies not in anyone have any link to the death of the renowned Bola ige.

Omisore have been in the business of engineering for the whole of his life, he is a successful business man, who from the proceeds and profits from his business continued his philanthropy, Ranging from payment of hospital bills, provision of jobs, Youth and women Empowerments and legally nursing his Political ambition without the ambient of political godfathers, this is someone we can trust with our votes, someone who is not answerable to God fathers, someone who will be the engineer of the new Osun state, the Osun of our dreams.
I can’t be left out
I can’t be deceived again
Teachers can’t be deceived again
Wonen can’t be deceived again
Youths can’t be deceived again
Children can’t be deceived again
Pensioners can’t be deceived again
Let’s support the movement. Let’s support senator Iyiola Omisore
SDP is the Party
Omisore is for the votes

Omisore Youth Support Forum (OYSF) Osogbo chapter

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