Ospoly Iree Closure: SUG President Comrade Bolaji Ezekiel (Hope), REACT To School Management Report In a Press Release Today

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SUG President Comrade Bolaji Ezekiel (Hope), REACT To School Management Report In a Press Release Today


Press Release:

19th June, 2019.

The Student Union Government of this great institution humbly write to make our position known the Polytechnic Authorities and by extension, the investigation panel set up by the management to investigate the ugly and avoidable crisis that rocked the institution on Saturday, June 1, 2019.
We consider it imperative, as representatives of the general students, to official made a call for objectivity, justice and fairness on the cause of students’ reaction to the death of AMINU SHEU (an HND student), and vandalization, looting and burning of Ospoly Health Centre, prior to the conclusion and eventual recommendation of the investigative panel.
We are compelled to make the call for objectivity, justice and fairness on the matter based on the wrong information and unwarranted verbal attack on the students by the Public Relations Officer of the institution, Mr. Tope Abiola. We make bold to state that Mr Tope Abiola has so far been misinforming and make attempts to incite the general public against the students and the same time wrongly condemned the students in the public opinion court. Mr Tope Abiola has been distorting facts and leaving the main cause of the students crisis untouched in his reactions to the matter. The vituperation of Mr Tope Abiola is capable of misleading the investigative panel, create a negative impression for the management and general public.
Thus, the SUG decides to set the record straight and give accurate information on the following events that took place on our campus between May and June, 2019 for the benefit of the innocent general public. These are:
Disruption of the Student Union election
Death of Aminu Sheu
Vandaliazation Of The Health Center
Suspension of the Students Union Election.

We will like to give brief information on this, because some persons have been accused on the disruption of the student union election as part of the event that culminated into the aggressiveness of the student on the vandalization of Health Center.
The student union election was held on the 27th of May 2019 and was disrupted by some hoodlums who are non-students in the presence of the police. Another date, Thursday 13th of June, 2019 was fixed by the management to conduct a fresh SUG election. This move doused the tension on cause as the students were looking forward to have a new election to elect their representatives.

Aminu Sheu was an HND student of Applied Chemistry, who was writing his second semester examination with other students. His death was shocking and avoidable. Aminu Sheu would not have died if proper health system and personnel were ground as been demanded for by the students at the OSPOLY Health Centre. We pray that the almighty Grant the Family of Aminu Sheu the fortitude to bear the loss.
However, we frown at the wrong account being given by Mr. Tope Abiola on Sheu’s death. Mr Abiola’s claim that Aminu Sheu was attended to at the medical centre and transferred in the Institution’s Ambulance to Ogo Oluwa Hospital is nothing but a lie from the pit of hell. Such deliberate misinformation is uncalled for and unbecoming of a Media Officer of a reputable institution. We considered Mr Abiola’s claim as a ‘too far’ desperation to cover up the ineptitude, negligence, lackadaisical and nonchalant attitude of the staff members of the health centre and the management of the institution at large.
Aminu Sheu fainted after writing examination on 31st of May, 2019 at the PLT2 lecture Hall and was rushed to the school health Center around 4:45 pm. The students were informed that the center has closed for the day and he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he however lost him before their arrival at the hospital.
The following are worthy of putting into consideration:
Examination Are to end by 6.pm: during examination period we fell and demanded that the institution should have made a provision for extra working hours for all health workers as students will be on campus for a period exceeding the actual closing hours of 4:00 Pm. More so, the union at different meetings has demanded a supplementary medical centre outside town that will commence operation from the closing hour of the medical centre at the campus. These measures would have saved Aminu Sheu’s life if the management had acceded to it.
This is the true account of how we lost Aminu Sheu’s to the cold hand of death. The misinformation and falsehood been spread by Mr Tope Abiola is apologetic; we thus demand an apology to the students, the family of Aminu Sheu and the general public.

The vandalization of the Health Center came to play on Saturday, 1st of June, 2019 which to us was a black Saturday. We condemned the vandalization of the health centre in strong terms as a union. On 31st of May, 2019, the union got information that some set of persons were mobilizing students in Iree community for a on the 1st of June 2019, on the death of Aminu Sheu. On receiving this information, the union leadership called the attention of the Iree Divisional Headquarter of the Nigeria Police and the Officer in Charge of the Directorate of Security Service in Boripe Local Government to the said protest, which was not organized by the leadership of the student union.
The union felt that opportunities must not be given to some set of hoodlums to hijack the protest and misguide the students. We felt that the situation will be well managed at the school gate and since the police, DSS and the School Authority through the Office of the Dean Student Affairs were informed.
On the said day, the union leadership got to the school gate at 6:45 am and met some students and police on ground. The President of the SUG, Comrade Bolaji Olaniyi was addressing the students at the gate around 7:45am in the presence of the DSA, when information came to us that the health center has been set ablaze. The DSA, SUG leadership and some students went to the health centre and discovered that the information was through. Upon findings, we got to know that the people that vandalized and razed the health centre gained entry into the institution through the unfenced perimeters of the institution.
With the above, the union leadership will like to remind you that we have always been calling the attention of the management of the institution to the effect of inadequate proper fencing of the institution.

A memo dated 13th of June, 2019, titled ‘Re: Suspension of student union activities’ and signed by Mr Paul F. Adewoyin came as a shock to our union. The memo claimed that, following the suspension of the student union activities, the Student Union Executive and Representative were to hand over all student union properties in their custody to the office of the Dean student affairs.
We will like to state that our student union tenure of 2018/19 academic session was never suspended. Any attempt by the management to take the advantage of the present happenings on campus to unjustly suspend our union shall be resisted by the entire student of Osun State Polytechnic. The SUG has never been found wanton in any misconduct; so there is no justification for the suspension of the activities of the union.

-That the Student Union Government of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree was never suspended
-That the election of 5th of May, 2019 was suspended because of the crises that erupted on the election day.
-That a new date for the election was fixed by the management which is a clear indication that our union was never suspended, but the election on 5th of May, 2019 was suspended and rescheduled to hold on 13th of June 2019.

-That the personnel of the OSPOLY Health Centre who told the student who rejected Aminu Sheu on the excuse that the centre has closed be arrested and prosecuted for culpability in the untimely death of our dear colleague.
-That, the Institution should provide a medical centre that will supplement for the campus medical centre immediately after the closing hour of 4pm.
-That the people mobilizing students for a protest on the night of the 31st May, 2019. Should be investigated duly.
-That the institution should confirm from the police and DSS if the union called to inform them on the said protest or not, as it did not come from the student leadership.
-That the institution should investigate where the student leadership was, when information got circulated that the health center has been vandalized.
-That Mr Tope Abiola be cautioned and made to apologise to the students and the general public for misinforming innocent members of the public.
-That the Investigation Panel should be objective, fair and just on its recommendations. The staff members of the OSPOLY Health Centre and the students found culpable in the crisis should not be covered up.
That is our humble position, sir.


Alumni Association, OSPOLY Iree Chapter
National Association of Nigerian Students
Committee for the Defence of Human Right, National Secretariat
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Justice
Commissioner of Police
Department of State Security Service
Osun Correspondence Chapel


OSUN STATE POLYTECHNIC, IREE2018/2019 Parliamentary Session

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